How to korean backdash (KBD) on mixbox controller / keyboard

Korean backdash (KBD), also know as bakdash cancel (BDC) is a technique for moving backwards quickly.

First thing first, make sure you set your mixbox scod mode to the Primary Setting (O), known as SOCD Cleaner inside the cable compartment

To perform Korean Backdash

Step 1 ) Do a back dash (bb), hold b.

Step 2 ) Press d while holding b (making it as d/b

Step 3 ) Release d, then release b (in a fast motion)

Step 4 ) Press b, then repeat Step 2 and Step 3.

f: forward, b: backward, d: down, d/f: down forward, d/b: down backward.

Special thanks to @omen_project, the mishima specialist for the video production.

This tutorial is extracted from "Tekken 7 - Mixbox movement showcase +bonus"