1. Is mixbox legal in tournaments ? 

Yes, mixbox is legal in most tournaments and EVO as long as no Marcos/Turbo functions are used.

  1. Can the artwork of mixbox changeable ?

Yes, you can change the artwork by yourself

Please find the artwork template as the below link


Please feel free to visit focusattack for more artwork service



3a ) Can I replace the Cherry MX switches ?

Yes, we provide different Cherry MX Packages including Cherry MX Red, Silver and Black switches for swapping.  Please check out the below video demonstration of swapping switches 


You can also inbox support@mixboxarcade.com for purchasing the spare switches from us as well.

3b) Can I replace the switches with other brand swithces 

We do not recommend to change our cherry MX Red switches. However,

You can still replace it without soldering. Please refer to the video below.



4. Can I have a custom mixbox like custom buttons layout?

We currently do not provide custom mixbox service.


5. Do mixbox have No 8-minute timeout issue on PS4?

There is no 8-mintue timeout issue on play station console with the latest firmware. Occasionally Sony updates their controllers,  please check Brook Download - Brook Gaming (brookaccessory.com) for the latest firmware updates


 6. What are the differences between Mixbox Black/ White Edition and Mixbox Universal Edition?

Mixbox Black /White Edition supports *PS5, PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3, PC

Mixbox Universal Edition supports *PS5, PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3, PC,
additionally it supports on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Classic, NEOGEO mini, MD mini and Wii U (Pokken Tournament only)


Without purchase of PS5 add on kit, Mixbox support to play PS4 games on PS5 consoles only, not PS5 games in PS5 consoles

7.1 What is the button located inside the cable compartment ?

It is called the socd switch. There are two modes of the SOCD Switch


Primary Setting (O), known as SOCD Cleaner 

When you press left, and then press right, the forward input will become neutral; 

When you press down and press up, the forward input will become up


Secondary Setting (-)

When you press left and then press right, the forward input it will become right. When you press down and press up, forward will become up.


The instruction of switching the SOCD in mixbox is as below

  1. a). UNPLUG the usb hub of mixbox  from consoles/pc 
  2. b). Switch to -/ o for SOCD setting 
  3. c). Reconnect to the console / pc by connecting the usb hub of the mixbox controller
Here is the video demonstration on the SOCD settings


As for the SOCD switch for tekken, we recommend to use O setting.


7.2 How to set the SOCD modes of Mixbox ? (Updated from Nov 2023)


Mode 1- Neutral / Capcom Pro Tour Rule

Instruction : Press and hold the UP directional key of mixbox, then insert USB into the console/PC

Left + Right = Neutral

Down + Up = Neutral


Mode 2- UP Priority -

Instruction : Press and hold the LEFT directional key of mixbox, then insert USB  into the console/PC

Left + Right = Neutral

Down + Up = Up


Mode 3 - Last Priority

Press and hold the DOWN directional key, then insert USB into the console/PC to start the switching process.

Left + Right = Right

Down + Up = Up



8. Where do I get the latest firmware?

All Mixbox pcb is made of Brook. Please get the latest firmware at the below link

Download - Brook Gaming (brookaccessory.com)

For PS4/PS3/PC Mixbox controller, please refer to “PS3PS4 Fighting Board”

For Universal Mixbox controller please click “Universal Fighting Board”


9. My universal mixbox is not working when connecting to consoles /PC/ Switch. What can I do ?

   Please refer to the below for the Manuel of the universal edition of mixbox to    connect different console.  

Step 1 : Press button:

  • 1P ( Light punch)  for PS3 
  • 2P ( Middle punch) for PS4, PS5
  • 3P ( Heavy punch ) for Xbox 360
  • 4P for Xbox One
  • 1K (LIight Kick) for Wii U – Pokken Tournament and Nintendo Switch
  • 2K ( Middle Kick ) for Xbox Original
  • 1P + 2P for PS Classic
  • 1P + 1K for MD mini

Step 2 : While pressing, connect mixbox controller to corresponding console

Please refer to the full details at the below link



10. One of the Directional keys is not working, what do I do?

Please reconnect the key wiring to retest. If the issue cannot be solved after reconnection, there are two spare cherry switches inside the cable compartment for the replacement of switches.  Please check out the demonstation of replaceing cherry mx switches as below 



11. I play games with mixbox, some specific move are not similar compared with my keyboard. How can I solve it?

Reversing the SOCD switch of your current setting. Please refer to the above SOCD functioning. As for the SOCD switch for TEKKEN, we recommend to use O setting 


12. What is Mixbox -12 controller?

The directional controls (Keys) of Mixbox- 12 controller is twelve degrees rotated in clockwise direction due to ergonomic purpose for some gamers's preference for their wrists.

13. Do mixbox have Turbo functionality?

Yes, you can map individual buttons to have turbo functionality.  Please watch the below video for more information. 


14. What is Cherry MX Packages ?

Mixbox standard is equipped with Cherry MX red switches. You can also choose other Cherry MX packages that are equipped with Cherry MX Red switches, additionally Cherry MX Silver and Cherry MX Black switches for upgrade.


15. I do not know Cherry MX switches. Can you explain briefly?

For gaming, Cherry MX Red switches are commonly used. You can choose Cherry MX Silver switches for even faster execution. If you are a heavy typer that prefer to press key heavily, cherry MX black will be the good choice.


16. I lose my one of my screw from the plexiglass of the front panel of mixbox.  What is the type of the screw used ?

The type/specification of screw is M4 (Diameter)
And the "tooth length" of screw is 8mm length.
It will be also suitable for 6 to 20mm length

17.How to use the turbo function ?
Here is a video to demonstrate how to use turbo function.
18. Whenever I open up a game like street fighter, the game detect the Mixbox black edition controller as xbox 360 controller. How can it be recognized as PS4 controller?
Mixbox's pcb is made up of PS4 Brook board which is industry standard and recognize x-input. Please pressing triangle button (MP) when connecting to PC, you connect it to the PC as PS4 wired controller.
Please also refer to the below Manuel for the Mixbox Black/White controller recognition:
1P/ LP : P3 Wired gamepads
2P/ MP : P4 Wired gamepad V1.6
3P/ HP:  Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)
4P: Real Arcade Pro S