#1 What is "Whiff Punish"?

Fundamental aspects of Tekken, and explain how to deal with situations and moves.

#2 Brief Introduction to Frame Data

Let's learn what Start Up and Frame Advantage mean, so we can use it to learn how to deal with situations and punish unsafe moves.

#3 What are Spacing Traps?

You can use the pushback from certain attacks to set up a whiff punish opportunity. If your opponent understands your strategy, there are some ways to adapt and make it go full circle


Many people mistake situation confirmable moves for hit confirmable ones. So, let's learn what's the difference between them.


Wall Jump is one of the few moves in Tekken to have invincibility frames. Although very situational, can sometimes help you turn the game around when being pressured at the wall.

#6 Punishing Hellsweep-like moves

Hellsweep is a Mishima move, but the name is also used to refer to moves that are similar in properties. A scary low that knocks you down, but is also very unsafe on block.