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Creating, innovating and enhancing gaming experience for gaming players.

Experience the most satisfying gaming experience with Mixbox controller, a new and innovative arcade keyboard for gaming players.

The Mixbox has been made with the very best materials available and to high standards, resulting in the highest possible quality product.

This revolutionary Mixbox controller allows you to play smoothly by giving you a fast, clean and precise input method that rivals sticks and pads, making it easy and fun to play on.

At only 2.5KG, the Mixbox is lightweight and features Sanwa Denshi buttons and cherry MX mechanical keyswitches with eight functions that instantly gives you the edge against other players. The frame body is a metallic fight-stick case with cable compartments.

From an ergonomic perspective, we’ve designed the Mixbox with a layout that is ultimately better for your comfort and for precise hand movements. The moment you hit one key, your fingers are already in position for the next.

Deliberate execution with buttons for movement prevents frantic mashing and allows the brain to process inputs more swiftly. Ultimately, this intuitive keyboard controller will take only minutes to master and go on to give you hours of smooth play and gaming pleasure.

Mixbox is the optimum choice for you!