Mixbox - Black Edition
Mixbox - Black Edition
Mixbox - Black Edition
Mixbox - Black Edition
Mixbox - Black Edition

Mixbox - Black Edition

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Directional control


Are you a serious gamer looking for a keyboard controller that will push your skills to their very limits? Want to ensure every button press is perfect, every key is responsive, and every move you make is on point? Then you need the only and only stickless Mixbox Controller.

The ideal arcade gaming controller for duking it out in
fighting games, the Mixbox is the only control you need to be at the top of your game; especially when you need more out of every click, movement, attack, defense, and keyboard press.

Built into a lightweight, metal frame, the revolutionary Mixbox Controller helps you play fast and smooth for high-end, fast-response gaming.


Intuitively designed for modern gamers, the Mixbox features Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches that ensure every button press is clean, precise, and responds instantly.

Premium Quality Sanwa Hardware Components

The Mixbox Controller is designed to enhance your play speed and fast-twitch responsiveness with 8-function Sanwa Denshi Buttons that help map every movement.

Support PS5 PS4 PS3 PC

A smarter, more innovative gaming keyboard controller, the Mixbox is
designed for fighting games on Windows and Linux gaming PCs (X-inpupt) and PlayStation consoles like *PS5, PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3 to give you the best fighting game support possible.

*PS5 ADD-ON UPGRADE KIT must be purchased for playing all PS5 fighting games in PS5 consoles and it is made specifically to work with PS5 fighting games only (Except PS5 DBFZ)

Ergonomic Craftsmanship

The large surface gives you plenty of room to access the WASD movement keys as well as the mappable action buttons, while the 11° slanted wrist rest optimally supports your wrists, especially when you are playing it on your lap.

Tournament-Ready Gaming

With the Brook PS4 PS3 Board, you can choose the SOCD Resolution modes acoording to the tournament organization so that mixbox is in full compliance with fighting competition rules (e.g. EVO, Tekken World Tour, Capcom Pro Tour, etc.). Let Mixbox controller join every single fight with you!

Mode1 Left + Right=Neutral、”Up priority” in all Up + Down = Up

Mode2 Second-Input Priority,Left + Right=Right、Right + Left = Left

Mode 3 Neutral / Street Fighter 6 2023 Capcom Pro Tour

Down + Up = Neutral

Left + Right = Neutral

Internal Storage Cable Compartments

USB cable goes into a deep compartment with a detachable door.


Trying out Mixbox

Exclusive Features:


  • ·         Red Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches (4 WASD)
  • ·         Japanese Sanwa Denshi Buttons (8-Function)
  • ·         TURBO Button Along with SHARE, PS, OPTIONS, L3, R3, Touch
  • ·         EVO / Tournament Edition
  • ·         Metallic Fight Stick Case
  • ·         Designed for Advanced PC Gaming (X-input)
  • ·         Supports *PS5 (Fighting games only), PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3
  • ·         Enchanced 3 Metres Wired Controller with Cable Comparment
  • ·         Net Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg)
  • ·         Dimension: 14.9 inches x 9.0 inches x 2.4 inches  (38 cm x 23 cm x 6.2cm)


* PS5 add on kit must be purchased for work on PS5 (Fighting games only). Currently it does not support PS5 version DBFZ Dragon Ball Fighter Z.