How to do King's Gaint Swing in Tekken 8 with Mixbox / WASD Keyboard / Leveless controller

How to do King's Gaint Swing in Tekken 8 with Mixbox / WASD Keyboard / Leveless controller

King's "Giant Swing" is a signature throw move in the Tekken series. It is one of his most iconic techniques and a powerful tool in his grappling arsenal. This move closely mimics professional wrestling's real-life giant swing, where the wrestler grabs an opponent by the legs and spins them around several times before throwing them away.


When to us Gaint Swing

King's Giant Swing in Tekken is a highly effective throw that can significantly shift the momentum of a match. Knowing when to use this move can make the difference between winning and losing a round. Here are some strategic scenarios and tips on when to best utilize the Giant Swing:

  1. Close Quarters Combat: Since the Giant Swing has a relatively short range, it is most effective when you are very close to your opponent. When you find yourself in close quarters, especially after blocking an opponent's attack or during a mix-up situation, it can be an excellent choice.

  2. Wall Stages: Use the Giant Swing when you are near a wall. If the throw connects, and the swing ends with your opponent hitting the wall, it deals additional damage. This makes it a potent tool on wall stages where you can maximize damage output.

  3. Opponent’s Tendency to Block: If you notice that your opponent tends to block a lot, especially standing blocks, integrating throws like the Giant Swing can be a strong tactic. Throws are unblockable and force the opponent to switch their strategy, potentially opening them up to other types of attacks.

  4. As a Punisher: While the Giant Swing is not the fastest move, it can be used to punish certain slow-recovering moves. If an opponent uses a highly punishable move at close range, the Giant Swing can be used as a hard-hitting response.

  5. Mix-up Game: Integrating the Giant Swing into your mix-up game can significantly enhance King's threat level. Alternating between mid and low attacks with the occasional throw keeps your opponent guessing and on the defensive.

  6. After Conditioning the Opponent: Once you've conditioned the opponent to expect certain types of attacks (like mid or low strikes), throwing in a Giant Swing can catch them off guard, as they might not be prepared to break a throw at that moment.

  7. Start of the Round: Using the Giant Swing at the start of a round can be a bold move, especially if your opponent does not expect an immediate aggressive approach. This can give you an early lead in health, setting the pace of the round.

  8. Clutch Situations: In tight, high-stress moments, especially when both players are at low health, the Giant Swing can be a game-changer due to its high damage. It can turn the tide in your favor abruptly.

Incorporating the Giant Swing effectively into your gameplay with King requires practice, timing, and a good read of your opponent's habits and strategies. Use it wisely to maximize its potential and keep your opponents on their toes.


Input Command of Gaint Swing

Forward Back Down-Back Down Forward-Down Forward  2




Fingers Movement and Execution of Gaint Swing

1. Index finger press the Forward key  (➡️)

2. Ringer finger press the Back key and Hold  ( ⬅️)

3. Middle finger press the Down key and Hold(↙️)

4. Release Ringer finger the Back key (⬇️)

5. Index finger press the Forward key and Hold (↘️ )
6. Release Middle Finger the Down key   (➡️)

7. Release Index finger the Forward key  (     )

    Step 4 is very critical. YOU MUST RELEASE Ringer finger before hitting the Foward key.

    The most common issue with executing a HALF CIRCLE FORWARD MOTION for beginners is missing the Down input because the ring finger does not release at step 4.

    ⬅️↙️      ↘️ ➡️



    • Timing: Ensure that the inputs are smooth and fluid, without any pauses between them.
    • Consistency: Practice repeatedly to build muscle memory.

    With practice and familiarization with your specific controller setup, you'll be able to execute King's Giant Swing effectively in Tekken 8.