How to do Instant Whiling Running Move | iWR in Tekken 8 with Mixbox / Keyboard / Leveless controller

How to do Instant Whiling Running Move | iWR in Tekken 8 with Mixbox / Keyboard / Leveless controller

What is an Instant While Running (IWR) Move?

In the Tekken series, an Instant While Running (IWR) move refers to a technique where a character executes a special attack immediately after initiating a run, without the usual distance or time typically required for a running attack. Normally, a character needs to travel a short distance while running before they can perform a running attack. However, with IWR techniques, players input the running command followed very quickly by the attack command, allowing the character to perform the attack almost instantly from close range. This makes IWR moves valuable for surprising an opponent with a fast attack that has the properties of a running move, such as additional damage or unique knock-back effects, right from up close.


When to use Instant While Running (IWR)?

Instant While Running (IWR) moves in Tekken are particularly useful in several tactical scenarios. Here’s when you might want to use them:

  1. Closing Distance: Use IWR moves when you need to close the gap between you and your opponent rapidly. This can be particularly effective against players who prefer long-range attacks or those trying to keep distance.

  2. Applying Pressure: IWR moves are great for keeping pressure on your opponent. They often have advancing properties that make it hard for your opponent to break out of defense.

  3. After a Knockdown: When your opponent is trying to get back up, an IWR move can be a strategic option to re-engage aggressively and maintain control of the game's pace.

  4. Countering Projectile Attacks: If your opponent uses a lot of projectiles, an IWR move can get you in close quickly, bypassing the projectiles and putting you in a position to counter.

  5. Breaking Through Guard: Some of these moves have properties that can break through an opponent’s guard or are advantageous on block, allowing you to continue attacks even if the IWR move doesn't land cleanly.

  6. Mixup Strategy: Incorporate IWR moves into your mixups to keep your opponent guessing. The sudden change in pace and range can disrupt their defensive rhythm and make your attacks less predictable.

Input command of Instant While Running (iWR) move

Forward Forward Forward Attack



(The attack button be it 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the character's move set)

Fingers Movement & Execution on KBD using SOCD

1.Left ndex finger Triple tap the forward key (➡️➡️➡️)

2. Right finger press the attack button ()