What is SOCD Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions ? Does Mixbox controller have SOCD ?

What is SOCD Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions  ? Does Mixbox controller have SOCD ?

SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions, is a term used in the context of gaming controllers, particularly arcade-style controllers like the Mixbox. In gaming, especially in competitive environments, precise control and input accuracy are crucial for success. Arcade-style controllers often offer players more options for input customization compared to traditional gamepads or joysticks.

One of the unique features of some arcade-style controllers is the ability to input opposing directional commands simultaneously, such as pressing both left and right buttons at the same time. However, this simultaneous input of opposing directions can lead to unintended or unfair advantages in certain games if not properly managed.

SOCD cleaning is a mechanism implemented in these controllers to address this issue. It ensures that conflicting inputs are handled in a consistent and fair manner. This can involve various strategies, such as prioritizing one direction over the other, activating a neutral input, or applying a specific combination of inputs based on predefined rules.

By implementing SOCD cleaning, arcade-style controllers like the Mixbox aim to maintain gameplay integrity and prevent unintended exploits that could give players an unfair advantage. This feature is particularly important in competitive gaming scenarios where precise input control and fair play are essential.

Overall, SOCD cleaning is a valuable tool that helps to balance the advantages of advanced input customization with the need for fair and competitive gameplay in the world of gaming.


SOCD Modes in Mixbox controller

There are three SOCD modes to chooose


Mode 1- Neutral / Capcom Pro Tour Rule

Left + Right = Neutral

Down + Up = Neutral


Mode 2- UP Priority -

Left + Right = Neutral

Down + Up = Up


Mode 3 - Last Priority

Left + Right = Right

Down + Up = Up