Transform Your Gameplay with the Mixbox Controller: Master the Zangief 360 Motion in Street Fighter 6

Transform Your Gameplay with the Mixbox Controller: Master the Zangief 360 Motion in Street Fighter 6

Unlock Zangief's Ultimate Move with Ease

Are you ready to level up your gaming skills in Street Fighter 6? The Mixbox Controller is here to revolutionize your gameplay. Say goodbye to the complexities of executing Zangief's 360 motion - we'll guide you through it step by step, enabling you to dominate your opponents with ease.


Perfect Your Execution with the Mixbox Controller

With the Mixbox Controller, executing Zangief's 360 motion becomes effortless. Our controller features arrow keys that give you precise control over every movement, allowing you to perform the motion flawlessly.



Input command of 360 Motion

Zangief's Screw Piledriver SPD is one of the signature 360 motion special move.

The command of 360 motion is look like this in street fighter 6.  This directional motion is also called Full Circle motion.

Looking from the input logo, it is pretty straight- forward when using an arcade stick. It simply turns the joystick a full circle.

How about to do 360 motion in mixbox controller? Is it like the below input command ?

Backward Down-Backward  Down  Foward-Down Forward Up-Forward Up Up-Backward Backward with Punch button .

⬅️↙️ ⬇️ ↘️ ➡️ ↗️ ⬆️ ⬅️ .

Luckily, all directional diagonals input are not required to do 360 motion in Street Fighter game.


One of the most common input command of doing a Full Circle motion is :

Backward Down Forward Up with Punch button .

⬅️ ⬇️  ➡️ ⬆️



And, the orders of the directional input of 360 motion can be varied as long as the last one is Up or Up-Forward or Up Backward with attack.


All possible input command of 360 motions :

1. Backward Down Forward Up with punch

2. Backward Down Forward Up-Forward with punch

3. Backward Down Forward Up-Backward with punch

4. Forward Down Backward Up with punch

5. Forward Down Backward Up-Forward with punch

6. Forward Down Backward Up-Backward with punch

7. Down Backward Forward Up with punch

8. Down Backward Forward Up-Forward with punch

9. Down Backward Forward Up-Backward with punch

10. Down Forward Backward Up with punch

11.Down Forward Backward Up-Forward with punch

12. Down Forward Backward Up-Backward with punch

13. Forward Backward Down Up with punch

14. Forward Backward Down Up-Forward with punch

15. Forward Backward Down Up-Backward with punch

16. Backward Forward Down Up with punch

17. Backward Forward Down Up-Forward with punch

18. Backward Forward Down Up-Backward with punch


Practice Makes Perfect

Become a Zangief master by practicing the Mixbox Controller's flawless 360 motion. By consistently honing your skills, you'll develop the muscle memory necessary to execute the move consistently - a true game-changer in your arsenal.

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With the Mixbox Controller, executing Zangief's 360 motion and performing other advanced moves is a breeze. Don't let complex motions hinder your gameplay - seize control and achieve victory.

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