How to do the 720 motion | Double Circle Motion in Street Fighter 6 with Mixbox / Keyboard / Leveless Controller

How to do the 720 motion | Double Circle Motion in Street Fighter 6 with Mixbox / Keyboard / Leveless Controller

What is a 720 Motion?

In Street Fighter and other fighting games, a 720 motion refers to the input command required to perform certain high-damage special moves, often associated with grappler characters. A 720 motion involves making two full circles on the joystick or D-pad or leveless controller.



Zangief is the iconic grappler character in the Street Fighter series, known for his powerful throws and wrestling moves. In Street Fighter 6, he continues to embody the grappler archetype, utilizing moves that leverage the 720-degree input for maximum impact. His most notable 720-degree motion move is the Ultimate Atomic Buster, which is a signature, high-damage throw that heavily relies on the player's ability to input the complex motion correctly.


Why 720 Motions ?

The inclusion of the 720 motion in the Street Fighter series serves several critical design and gameplay purposes:

1. High-Risk, High-Reward Mechanic:

  • Complexity: The 720 motion is inherently difficult to execute quickly and accurately, especially during the heat of a battle. This complexity ensures that the move is not easily performed accidentally.
  • Power: Moves that require a 720-degree input are usually very powerful and can turn the tide of a match. The difficulty of the input balances the move's strength, making sure it isn't overused or easy to spam.

2. Skill Expression:

  • Mastery Indicator: Successfully executing a 720-degree motion consistently is a testament to a player's skill. It requires precise timing, dexterity, and practice.
  • Competitive Edge: In high-level play, the ability to pull off such complicated moves under pressure can be a decisive factor, showcasing a player's command over their character.

3. Character and Gameplay Variety:

  • Grappler Archetype: Grappler characters like Zangief are designed to excel in close-range combat with high-impact throws. The 720 motion fits perfectly into this character design, providing them with a special edge once they manage to get in close.
  • Balanced Gameplay: By assigning such complex inputs to highly potent moves, the game maintains balance, rewarding players who can utilize grappler characters effectively.

4. Strategic Depth:

  • Buffering Techniques: The need to buffer the 720 motion during other actions (like jumping, dashing, or during attack recovery) adds a layer of strategic depth. Players must plan their moves carefully and create opportunities to input the motion without getting caught.
  • Mind Games: The threat of a 720 move can create psychological pressure on opponents, leading them to make mistakes or play more cautiously.

5. Franchise Tradition and Legacy:

  • Historical Design: The introduction of complex inputs like the 720 motion is a nod to the arcade roots of fighting games, where challenging moves were part of the excitement and appeal.
  • Consistency: Maintaining such design elements helps preserve the continuity and legacy of the Street Fighter series, respecting its past while keeping it challenging.


Understanding the input command 720 Motion:

To perform a 720-degree motion on an arcade stick, you need to rotate two full circle twice. How about the input command on Mixbox controller?


  • Input the Seven Directions = 720 motion :

    • Seven directions are enough to execute Double circle motion.
    • Double circle motion on mixbox is actually 540 motion
    • No diagonal directions are required (   )

    I cannot execute the 720 / Double Circle Motion because Zangief jump as long as i input the 4th direction UP, WHY?

  • It is because you are not fast enough to input all the directions and attack button to execute the 720 motion before the character jump at the first time. Therefore, If Zangief is standing when you hit the first Up, he'll jump, interrupting the remaining command of 720 motion.
  • How can I execute the 720 motion successfully without jumping?

  • You need to use he technique of inputting the 720 motion while the character is engaged in another action, for example, during a normal attack, dash. This  allows you to input the 720 motion without causing Zangief to jump by doing so during another action where he can't leave the ground. It is called Buffering / Buffering a 720 motion.
  • Buffering Techniques:

  • Examples of Buffering Situations:

    1. During a Normal Attack:

      • Input a normal attack (e.g., a standing punch).
      • While the punch animation is playing, quickly input the 720 motion. Since Zangief is in the middle of his punch, he won’t jump.
      • The special move will execute as soon as the punch animation finishes.


  • You can also Buffering a 720 Motion During a Jump / Forward Jump.

  • When Zangief (or any other character that uses a 720 motion) is in the air, he can't perform a grounded jump, so this gives you the opportunity to input the 720 motion without accidentally causing another jump.

          2. Jump Forward or Jump:

    • Perform a short hop or a normal jump.
    • During the jump, quickly input the 720-degree motion.
    • Complete the motion before Zangief lands.
    • The special move will then execute upon landing.

      By using these techniques and understanding the buffering mechanics, you can effectively perform Zangief’s 720-degree command grabs in Street Fighter 6.

    • Conclusion:

      Zangief continues to represent the classic grappler archetype in Street Fighter 6, with the 720-degree motion playing a crucial role in his arsenal. Mastering this input can be challenging but is rewarding, offering players access to some of the most powerful moves in the game.


      More to know - Frame data

      For performing a 720-degree motion, all 7 directional inputs must be input within 24 frames and pressing the attack button within 21 frames.