How to Do Hadoken with Mixbox

How to Do Hadoken with Mixbox

How to do Hadoken Motions in Street Fighter 6 on mixbox



If you're a fan of fighting games, you're probably familiar with the iconic Hadoken move from Street Fighter. This powerful fireball attack has captivated gamers for decades. In the world of Street Fighter 6, executing precise and lightning-fast inputs can be the key to victory. With the Mixbox controller, players can elevate their gameplay by achieving greater consistency and accuracy. In this article, we will delve into the art of performing Hadoken on the Mixbox, providing essential tips to enhance your skills.


Input command of Hadoken

The command of Hadoken is Down ⬇️ Down-Forward↘️  Forward➡️ with a Punch button . This directional motion is also called Quarter- Circle Forward (QCF) motion.


Hadoken Quarter circle forward motion

Fingers Movement & Execution on Hadoken - Quarter- Circle Forward motion

We know the input command of Hadoken. So, coming to mixbox or keyboard with WASD, how exact the execution on the directional keys on the left side of mixbox to input the Quarter Circle Forward notion in Hadoken? Here it is as the below 

  1. Middle finger Press the 'S' key  (⬇️)
  2. Index finger Press the 'D' key    (↘️)
  3. Release Middle finger the "S" key (➡️)
  4. Release the "D" key
  5. Press the punch button to perform the Hadoken.