How to do Dragon Punch | DP motion on Mixbox / Keyboard / Leveless controller

How to do Dragon Punch | DP motion on Mixbox / Keyboard / Leveless controller

In the "Street Fighter" series, the Dragon Punch, also known by its Japanese name Shoryuken (昇龍拳), is an iconic special move primarily associated with the characters Ryu and Ken. The input motion for a Dragon Punch in SF6 is still the classic forward, down, down-forward + punch, commonly represented as → ↓ ↘ + Punch. 



  • Name Origins:
    • Japanese: Shoryuken, which literally means "Rising Dragon Fist."
    • English: Commonly referred to as "Dragon Punch" (DP).

    The Dragon Punch (DP) motion in "Street Fighter 6" (SF6) is a versatile move with several strategic applications. Proper usage can significantly enhance your gameplay by providing defensive and offensive advantages. Here are some key scenarios for using the DP motion effectively:


    When to use DP motion

    1. Anti-Air Defense:

    • Description: One of the primary uses of the DP motion is to counter airborne attacks from opponents.
    • When to Use: Execute a DP when your opponent jumps in towards you, aiming to knock them out of the air and punish their approach.
    • Example: If an opponent tries a jump-in attack, quickly input → ↓ ↘ + Punch to perform a Shoryuken and intercept their attack.

    2. Wake-Up Option:

    • Description: Use the DP motion as a wake-up move when you are getting up from a knockdown.
    • When to Use: Utilize this if you anticipate an immediate attack from your opponent as you rise, especially if they are trying to pressure you.
    • Example: After being knocked down, as you get up, input the DP motion to perform a Shoryuken and catch your opponent's meaty attack.

    3. Reversal:

    • Description: The DP motion can be used as a reversal move to interrupt your opponent's blockstrings or combos.
    • When to Use: Execute this when you anticipate a gap in your opponent’s pressure or if they tend to overcommit to strings of attacks.
    • Example: During your opponent’s blockstring, find an opening and input the DP motion to surprise them with a Shoryuken, breaking their momentum.

    4. Punishing Unsafe Moves:

    • Description: Use the DP motion to punish your opponent when they perform unsafe moves with significant recovery frames.
    • When to Use: Perform this after blocking an unsafe special move or a whiffed attack from your opponent.
    • Example: After blocking a poorly spaced sweep or a heavily negative special move, quickly input the DP motion to retaliate with a Shoryuken.

    5. Combos and Juggles:

    • Description: DP moves can serve as combo enders or juggle extenders, especially in situations where extra damage or positioning is crucial.
    • When to Use: Incorporate DP within combos when you land a confirm that can be extended with a DP.
    • Example: After a successful jump-in or a close-range confirm, input the DP motion to connect a Shoryuken at the end of your combo for additional damage.


     Input command of DP Motion


    Here's a step-by-step guide for executing the DP motion on a Mixbox controller:

  • General Input Sequence:

    1. Forward
    2. Down
    3. Down-Forward
    4. Punch
  • Steps on the Mixbox:

    1. Tap Forward : Press Forward button (Left index finger)
    2. Tap Down: Press Down button again (Left middle finger) and HOLD
    3. Press Forward: Press the Forward button (Left index finger)
    4. Press Punch button: Press the button assigned to Punch

  • Tips for Effective Use:

    • Reading Opponents: Predict your opponent’s actions and tendencies. Overusing DPs can be risky, as they often leave you vulnerable if blocked or whiffed.
    • Mix-Ups: Mix your offensive and defensive options so that your DPs are less predictable.
    • Meter Management: Use EX versions of your DP when you have meter for additional damage and invincibility frames.
    • Training Mode: Practice the DP motion consistently in training mode to ensure you can execute it quickly and accurately under pressure.

    By understanding when and how to use the DP motion, you can enhance your defensive and offensive strategies in "Street Fighter 6," making your gameplay more dynamic and effective.