How to Do Cammy Instant Divekick / Tiger Knee Motion with mixbox / Keyboard WASD

How to Do Cammy Instant Divekick / Tiger Knee Motion with mixbox / Keyboard WASD

What is Cammy Instant Divekick / Tiger Knee Motion?


Cammy White, the legendary Street Fighter character, is known for her high mobility and fast speed. One of her signature moves is the instant divekick (Cannon Strike), also known as the tiger knee motion. This move is particularly effective in close-range combat as it allows Cammy to jump towards her opponent and execute the divekick instantly. Performing the Cammy instant divekick or tiger knee motion takes a bit of practice, but with enough time and effort, anyone can master this move.


There are two types of instant Divekicks. One is to perform instant diverkick during jumping. Another one is perform Instant divekick starting from ground (Tiger knee motion).



In this guide, we will show you how to do Cammy instant divekick / tiger knee motion with Mixbox / Keyboard WASD in a few easy steps. Whether you’re an experienced fighting game player or a beginner, this guide will help you execute this move flawlessly. So, let’s dive in!

Input Command of Instant Divekick

The command of Cammy's Instant Divekick  is Down ⬇️ Down-Back↙️ Back⬅️  (Quarter-Circle Backward) followed by Up-Forward ↗️ with a kick . The directional motions of Quarter-Circle Backward (QCF) + Up-Forward is also known as Tiger Knee (TK) motion.



Cammy Instant Divekick Tiger Knee motion


Fingers Movement & Execution on Instant DiveKick Tiger Knee motion

We know the input command of Instant Divekick Cannon Strike. So, coming to mixbox or keyboard with WASD, how exact the execution on the directional keys on the left side of mixbox to input the Tiger Knee motion ? Here it is as the below

  1. Middle finger Press the ''S"key  (⬇️)
  2. Ring finger Press the 'A' key    (↙️)
  3. Release Middle finger the "S" key (⬅️)
  4. Release Ring finger the "A" key
  5. Press the W key and the D key (↗️) by Middle, index fingers and kick button at the same time to perform Instant divekick.


Cannon strike is quarter circle back into forward jump with kick (2149). Forward jump have to input very fast after quarter circle back (QCB), PRACTICE and FEEL the RHYTHM. Once you get the rhythm, it will be very consistent. You can practice it from corner to corner..