How to do Akuma Raging Demon in Street Fighter 6 with mixbox / WASD Keyboard / Leveless controller?

akuma raging demon input command (Shun Goku Satsu)
The Raging Demon, known in Japanese as "Shun Goku Satsu" (瞬獄殺, "Instant Hell Murder"), is one of the most iconic special moves in the Street Fighter series. It's primarily associated with the character Akuma (Gouki in Japan) and, in some instances, the character Evil Ryu.


Using Akuma's Raging Demon effectively requires a good understanding of timing, positioning, and psychological tactics. Here are some strategic tips on when and how to use the Raging Demon effectively:

1. Punishing Whiffed Moves:

  • Close-range Whiffs: If your opponent misses (whiffs) an attack and you are within close range, you can capitalize on their recovery frames with a Raging Demon.
  • Slow Recovery Attacks: Moves with longer recovery times, such as heavy attacks and specials, provide a perfect opportunity for punishment.

2. On Wake-up:

  • Wake-up Pressure: If you have knocked your opponent down and you anticipate they will wake up with a block or another non-invincible move, you can use the Raging Demon to catch them off guard.

3. During Opponent's Landing:

  • Anti-Air Attempts: If you properly predict when your opponent will land from a jump, you can position yourself to execute the Raging Demon as they touch the ground.

4. Mind Games and Psychological Pressure:

  • Conditioning: After conditioning your opponent to be afraid of getting too close or used to your block strings, you can surprise them with a Raging Demon.
  • In High-Tension Situations: In tense moments, like when your opponent is cornered or low on health, they may make predictable defensive decisions that you can exploit with a Raging Demon.

5. Using Cancel Windows:

  • V-Trigger or Special Moves Cancel: In games like Street Fighter V, you can cancel certain moves into the Raging Demon during a V-Trigger activation, making it more difficult for your opponent to react.

6. During Opponent's Focus Attack or Block:

  • Focus Attack: In games where Focus Attack exists (like Street Fighter IV), opponents might use a Focus Attack to absorb hits. You can dash into them and activate the Raging Demon while they are focused.
  • Blocked Moves: If you predict that your opponent will hold block during a sequence, you can break their guard with the Raging Demon.

7. Spacing and Baiting:

  • Close Range Setup: The Raging Demon requires close range, so baiting your opponent into a position where they can't escape is key. Use moves and dashes to close the gap quickly.
  • Stutter Steps: Walk forward slightly to bait a reaction, then execute the Raging Demon when you’re within range.

 Input command of Raging Demon

Here's a step-by-step guide to doing it:

General Input Sequence:

  1. Light Punch (LP)
  2. Light Punch (LP)
  3. Forward
  4. Light Kick (LK)
  5. Heavy Punch (HP)

Steps on the Mixbox:

  1. Tap LP (Light Punch): Press the button assigned to Light Punch (Right index finger)
  2. Tap LP (Light Punch) again: Press the same button again (Right index finger)
  3. Press Forward: Use the directional keys to press 'Forward' (Left index finger)
  4. Press LK (Light Kick): Press the button assigned to Light Kick (Right index finger)
  5. Press HP (Heavy Punch): Press the button assigned to Heavy Punch (Right Middle finger)


Tips for Successful Execution:

  • Speed: The inputs must be entered quickly and smoothly.
  • Proximity: Ensure you are close enough to your opponent since Raging Demon is a close-range attack.
  • Practice: Working on timing in training mode can help build muscle memory and improve your speed and accuracy.

With these steps and some practice, you should be able to execute Akuma's Raging Demon on your Mixbox controller!