I have a mixbox that has a SOCD switch and have two SOCD modes. How can I upgrade it to Brand new three SOCD modes?

All Mixbox produced from December 2023 will have three brand new SOCD modes. There is no SOCD switch inside Mixbox.

If you have a Mixbox before that, you mixbox should have a SOCD switch inside the cable compartment, and it has two SOCD modes.

If you would like to upgrade to the Brand new three SOCD modes, please follow the instructions below.


1. Get the latest firmware at the below link

Download - Brook Gaming (brookaccessory.com)

For PS4/PS3/PC Mixbox controller, please refer to “PS3PS4 Fighting Board”

For Universal Mixbox controller please click “Universal Fighting Board”


2. Open the firmware in PC


3. Press PS and Share/Select of mixbox at the same time and hold, connect the USB of mixbox to PC


4. Choose "Controller" Mode of the firmware, not "tournament"

5. Press update of the firmware.

6. After Successfully updated, mixbox have three brand new SOCD modes


Once updated, The SOCD switch will not be operated anymore.



Remark : What is SOCD switch of Mixbox ?

If you own a Mixbox controller that was purchased before December 2023,
There was a button located inside the cable compartment

It is called the socd switch.


There were two modes of the SOCD Switch


Primary Setting (O), known as SOCD Cleaner 

When you press left, and then press right, the forward input will become neutral; 

When you press down and press up, the forward input will become up


Secondary Setting (-)

When you press left and then press right, the forward input it will become right. When you press down and press up, forward will become up.


The instruction of switching the SOCD in mixbox is as below

  1. a). UNPLUG the usb hub of mixbox  from consoles/pc 
  2. b). Switch to -/ o for SOCD setting 
  3. c). Reconnect to the console / pc by connecting the usb hub of the mixbox controller
Here is the video demonstration on the SOCD settings


As for the SOCD switch for tekken, we recommend to use O setting.




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